Q - I have $2000.00 in the bank. Isn't that enough for my funeral expenses?
A. Your widow will need much more money to cover funeral expenses. Sometimes we don't pass away in the comfort of your home. Death can come an auto accident or a stroke in a nursing home. The average cost for final expenses is over $6,000. This plan is for funeral expenses only. Leave your savings alone. That money will be needed by your widow.
Q - Is my plan still good if I move to another town?
A - Yes, as long as your premiums are current, it will remain in affect no matter where you live. Your plan is good world-wide.
Q - Will my plan pay for a plot in my home town?
A - Yes. The average cost for the cemetery expenses is about $1,100.00 and this plan is good anywhere in the world.
Q - I already have a cemetery plot. How will the plan benefit me?
A - You have already taken care of one-third of the total expenses. The plan will take care of the rest, including the funeral services and all miscellaneous expenses at the cemetery.
Q - Will my premium increase?
A - No, as long as premiums are kept current. Your plan will remain the same for the life of the policy.
Q - Can my policy be cancelled?
A - Yes, but only for non-payment of premiums. It is important the funds be available in order to avoid a lapse in the policy.
Q - How much does it cost?
A - The premium depends on the age and the medical condition of the insured. You will be asked just a few health questions. No medical exam will be required.
Q - How old do I have to be to get coverage?
A - Ages 0-85 years old may qualify for coverage up to $20,000 at very affordable rates